Veterinary Services

Pet Wellness Visits

Regular veterinary check-ups are a vital component of maintaining your pet’s well-being. At Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic in Fremont, CA, we prioritize preventative care through our comprehensive pet wellness visits.

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The Importance of
Pet Wellness Visits

Our pet wellness visits include a range of services designed to assess and maintain your pet’s health. These include thorough physical examinations, vaccinations, parasite testing and prevention, and nutritional guidance. Our focus on preventative medicine allows us to identify potential health issues early on and provide proactive care.

Scheduling Your Pet’s Wellness Visit

Recognizing Signs of Change

Your pet’s wellness visit is not just about the examination; it’s an opportunity for you to discuss any observed changes in your pet’s behavior. Since animals can’t verbally communicate when unwell, subtle behavior changes become crucial indicators of potential health issues. Your insights during these visits contribute significantly to comprehensive care.

What to Expect During a Wellness Examination

Comprehensive Physical Examination

Our veterinarians, Dr. Edelman, Dr. Virk, and Dr. Harper, recommend semi-annual physical examinations for all our patients. These examinations are tailored to your pet’s species, age, and health requirements. By conducting a thorough physical examination, we can identify potential issues before they escalate into more severe health issues.

Inclusions in the Examination

During a wellness examination, our veterinarians inspect your pet’s ears, eyes, teeth, heart, lungs, fur, and skin. Additionally, they check for lumps and bumps by feeling all over your pet’s body. Vital signs such as temperature, pulse, and respiration are recorded, along with your pet’s current weight. These routine examinations contribute to a holistic understanding of your pet’s overall health.

Additional Testing for Early Detection

Depending on your pet’s age, medical condition, and history, our veterinarians may recommend additional tests during the wellness examination. Blood tests, including a complete blood cell count (CBC) and a chemistry panel, help identify problems such as anemia, infection, or organ disease. Parasite tests, including heartworm disease testing, are also routine to ensure your pet’s overall well-being.