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Pet Emergency Visits

 At Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic in Fremont, CA, we are committed to providing prompt and effective care if your companion needs urgent attention.

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Seeking Emergency Care

Health problems, injuries, and illnesses can all arise unexpectedly in pets. At Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic, we strive to accommodate emergencies during our business hours. While we understand that emergencies may not come with a warning, contacting us before your arrival, if possible, can aid our staff in preparing for your pet’s immediate medical care.

Contact Us for Pet Emergency Visits in Fremont, CA

Pet emergencies demand swift and expert attention. Trust Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic to provide the urgent care your pet needs during critical situations. Call us at (510) 797-2323 or schedule an appointment online to ensure your pet receives immediate and effective care. Your pet’s well-being is our top priority.

Signs Your Pet May Need Emergency Care

Pets can’t communicate their distress verbally, but certain signs may indicate the need for urgent veterinary attention. Keep a watchful eye for:

Pale Gums

Pale gums in your pet could signal a potential health concern, necessitating prompt veterinary attention. This discoloration may indicate a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream or an underlying medical issue. Our experienced veterinary team is ready to assess and address any potential health issues related to pale gums.

Rapid Breathing

Rapid breathing in your pet may indicate respiratory distress or an underlying health issue. Monitor your pet’s breathing patterns; if you notice excessive and accelerated breathing, it’s essential to seek veterinary attention promptly. Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic in Fremont, CA, is equipped to assess and address the reasons behind rapid breathing in pets.

Weak or Rapid Pulse

A weak or rapid pulse in your pet could indicate serious health concerns. If you observe a weak or rapid pulse, contact us at (510) 797-2323 for immediate assessment and expert care.

Change in Body Temperature

A sudden change in your pet’s body temperature may indicate underlying health issues. If your pet has had a notable change in body temperature, our skilled veterinary team is equipped to address and diagnose potential health issues related to fluctuations in your pet’s body temperature.

Difficulty Standing

Pets experiencing difficulty standing may be suffering from a range of neurological or musculoskeletal issues. Any pet that has difficulty getting up or an inability to stand should be treated promptly.

Apparent Paralysis

Apparent paralysis in your pet is a serious concern and warrants immediate veterinary attention to determine the underlying cause. 

Loss of Consciousness

If your pet suffers a loss of consciousness, seek immediate veterinary intervention for diagnosis and treatment.

Excessive Bleeding

Excessive bleeding from your pet indicates a medical emergency. Bring your pet to a veterinary professional immediately for treatment and evaluation of any potential underlying health issues. 

If your pet is experiencing an emergency after business hours, we recommend the following:

For after-hour emergencies, we recommend the following:

Beacon Veterinary Specialists
1618 Washington Blvd
Fremont, CA 94539