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Pet Microchipping

At Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic, we advocate for microchipping as a simple yet highly effective way to provide a secure means of reuniting lost pets with their owners. 

A person holding a device to check the body of a cat

Upkeeping Your Pet’s Information

Keeping your pet’s microchip information up to date is crucial for effective identification. HomeAgain members can easily log in and update their pet’s profile, ensuring current contact information and a recent photo are available for quick and accurate identification.

The Microchipping Advantage: A Lifelong Identification Solution

Permanent Identification:

  • Microchips offer a secure and permanent identification solution for your pet throughout their entire life.
  • Unlike collars and tags that may fall off or wear out, microchips are implanted under the skin, ensuring a reliable and enduring form of identification.

Increased Reunion Chances:

  • Statistics show that only a small percentage of lost pets find their way back to their owners. Microchipping significantly increases the likelihood of a reunion.
  • With a microchip, your pet’s information is linked to a permanent record, enabling anyone with a microchip scanner to identify and contact you when your lost pet is found.

Simple, Painless, and Affordable:

  • The process of microchipping is simple, relatively painless, and highly affordable.
  • It can be seamlessly incorporated into routine veterinary visits, spay/neuter surgeries, or other veterinary care appointments.

How Microchipping Works

Quick and Painless Procedure

  • Microchipping involves a quick and virtually painless procedure that can be performed during routine veterinary visits.
  • The tiny microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, is inserted under your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades.

Universal Scanning

  • Virtually all veterinary clinics and animal shelters are equipped with scanners capable of reading microchips.
  • This universal scanning ability ensures that your pet can be identified and linked to your contact information, even if they are miles away from home.

HomeAgain Membership Benefits

  • Microchips from HomeAgain come with added benefits, including a personal listing in their lost pet database.
  • HomeAgain members have access to 24/7 pet recovery services, offering peace of mind to pet owners.