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Animal Vaccinations in Fremont, CA - Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic

Vaccines are products that stimulate the immune system without causing illness. The end result is that the immune system is sensitized to the disease and if your pet is exposed to the disease again in the future, they can fight it off without becoming ill. Pet vaccines cover a variety of severe and potentially deadly diseases that occur here in Fremont, and they are considered one of the most important parts of preventative medicine.

Cat and Dog Vaccinations for Puppies and Kittens Through Seniors

Cat and dog vaccinations are a life-long requirement. Puppies and kittens start with a series of shots, but adult cats and dogs need boosters in order to stay protected:

  • Ages 8-16 weeks: Vaccinate every 3-4 weeks with the core vaccine.
  • Age 12-16 weeks: Vaccinate once against rabies.
  • One year from the last vaccination: Booster both the core and rabies vaccine.
  • Every 1-3 years afterward: Administer booster shots.
  • Any age: Vaccinate with lifestyle vaccines at intervals recommended by your veterinarian.

There can be a difference between species as to how often vaccines are given—the rabies vaccine for dogs is usually given every three years, but the one for cats is often an annual one. Some non-core dog vaccinations, such as the one against kennel cough, may be given more often.

Dogs and cats of all ages can get any of the commonly vaccine-preventable diseases. Puppies and senior pets tend to be especially vulnerable, but some diseases are equally deadly at any age. For example, the rabies vaccine for dogs and cats prevents a disease that is fatal at any age and can be spread to humans.

Vaccinations at Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic

We offer all of the core vaccines for dogs and cats. These are the vaccines that every pet should have, regardless of their lifestyle:

  • Dogs: DAPP (also known as DAP, DA2P, DHPP)
  • Cats: FVRCP
  • Dogs and cats: Rabies

We also offer lifestyle vaccines. These are vaccinations that our animal hospital recommends for pets who are at increased risk. Most dogs that go to dog parks, daycare, or boarding, will need a kennel cough vaccine, for example. Canine influenza has also become a concern, mostly for these same dog-social dogs.

Contact Our Veterinarian To Help Choose the Right Pet Vaccines

Not all animals need the same pet vaccines, and our veterinarians know that. That is why, when you see a caring veterinarian at our animal hospital, they will speak to you about your pet’s risk factors and help you decide which vaccines are right for their situation. Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic is located in Fremont and serves clients from throughout the east bay. To make an appointment, call 510-797-2323.

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