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Parasite Preventatives

Mosquitos aren’t just annoying—it takes only one bite to infect your pet with heartworm! And the heartworm incidence rate for California
is growing according to the American Heartworm Society.

If that’s not bad enough, fleas can cause itching, anemia and hotspots. Ticks can transmit Lyme disease, as well as ehrlichiosis, a bacterial illness that causes flu-like symptoms.

Preventative medications are the best way to keep parasites away,
and our team is excited to offer Sentinel Spectrum for heartworm prevention.

Plus, we’re recommending Credelio, a chewable tablet
for dogs for monthly flea and tick prevention.

Don’t forget, even with preventative, you should still check your pets for fleas and ticks regularly; once fleas make it inside, they will quickly infest a home. Ticks can travel from your pet to your family and some of the diseases they carry can infect people too.

Call us at (510) 797-2323 if you have any questions about parasite prevention for your pet or to make an appointment.

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