Our Policies 


We do see emergency patients when they are presented. Thus we ask for your cooperation and understanding if we are not able to see your pet at the appointed time. We want to assure you that if your pet is critically ill, his/her needs will come first also.


Payment is required at the time of the release of your pet from our hospital. We will gladly give you a written estimate for all services we are recommending for your pet so you can budget for future work. Senior citizens, multi-pet, military, and working-dog discounts are available. Ask our team for more information.

We accept Visa, Master Cards, Discover, American Express, Debit cards, CareCredit, and cash/checks.

Late Fee/No-Show Policy

There will be a Late fee/No Show cost of $10.00 applied to your account after the second time you have been late for an appointment or reschedule after the time of your appointment. We ask that all clients communicate with our hospital if you are going to be late for an appointment so we can reschedule you and your pet and get you the service that is required by our trained staff.

Medication Prescriptions Refills

Please allow 24-hour notice for all medication refills. We try to get all medications filled before the 24-hour time. If a medication is needed before the allotted time, a $10.00 EXPRESS fee will be applied to your account.


Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic requires all animals to be current on vaccinations before being treated by our veterinarian team. These vaccines include the rabies vaccine, which protects your pet, and our staff and is legally required by the City of Fremont. If your pet received vaccines elsewhere, please provide proof upon your visit.

Leashes & Carriers

We appreciate it when your dogs are on leashes, and your cats are in carriers when you visit our clinic. We are located next to a busy street, and we would not want any of your pets to escape. Please be sure to have your children ask permission to touch other clients’ pets. Not all animals are friendly with strangers. 

Our receptionists may ask you to hold your pet in your vehicle if we suspect they may have a contagious disease, such as kennel cough, to avoid contamination of our waiting room. 

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