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Thursday June 28, 2018

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When it comes to protecting your pet from theft or loss the best defense really is a great offense. Here are some tips on how to prevent theft or loss:

  • Microchip your pet.
  • Train your pet to wait at the door until given a release command.
  • Make sure doors and screens are secure.
  • If you have a fence, make any necessary repairs (i.e. replace boards, latches, etc.).
  • If you think your pet may dig his/her way out, try placing cement blocks around the base of the fence or extend chicken wire from the bottom of the fence down under the ground a few feet.
  • If fencing isnít feasible you can build an outdoor kennel.
  • Exercising your pet will make them more content and less likely to escape.
  • If you do not have a fence, stay outdoors with your pet so you can watch them.

If your pet is outdoors, make sure they are safe from household hazards like snail and rat poisons, toxic plants, sharp objects, etc. In addition, provide plenty of shade and fresh water, especially during the hot seasons.

Is your pet lost? There are several measures you can take to locate him/her. Hopefully these tips will be helpful in your search.

  • Talk to your family, friends and neighbors and collaborate a search.
  • Hang up posters around town and at local veterinary clinics and shelters. Be sure to include phone number(s), a picture and a detailed description of your pet.
  • Call your local veterinary clinics, emergency clinics and shelters to report your pet missing. Include your phone number(s) and a detailed description of your pet.
  • If searching for your pet during the day is uneventful, you can try searching at night when itís quieter and your pet feels safer.
  • Use your pet's toys and favorite foods.
  • Search places where your pet could have gotten trapped (i.e. neighborís garages, sheds, etc.).

Have a safe and happy summer. For more information check out our newsletter, call us at (510)797-2323 or visit www.homeagain.com.

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