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Christmas is just around the corner and unfortunately so are holiday hazards. Please take the time to make yourselves aware of the dangers that are lurking like: poisonous plants, decorations, foods, medications, etc.

Several plants are poisonous to pets. Among the most common during this time of year are poinsettias and mistletoe. If your pet ingests a plant that you are unsure of please call your regular veterinary clinic, emergency clinic or poison control center immediately. For a list of the most frequently encountered plants, please visit this website: aspca.org/site/PageServer?pagename=pro_apcc_toxicplants

imageXmasPup.jpgThere are several hazardous Christmas decorations we put up each year. Some of the most common are: Christmas trees, tinsel, glass ornaments and hooks, batteries and Christmas lights. If you use a live Christmas tree, please be sure to cover the water so your pet cannot drink from it. Tinsel and ribbon can get caught in your pets (especially cats) intestinal tract causing it to bunch up like an accordion, often times requiring surgery to correct. Glass ornaments and hooks can be enticing for your pets to play with. Please be sure to watch your pet around the tree to make sure they do not injure themselves. Batteries contain corrosives that can cause ulcers in your pet’s mouth and gastro-intestinal tract. If you use lights please be sure to watch your pets so they do not chew on the cords.

Probably the most common holiday hazard is consumption of poisonous foods. The most common is chocolate but some others include: alcoholic beverages, coffee, moldy or soiled foods, turkey/chicken bones, onions, garlic, salt and yeast dough. There have been recent incidents reported that grapes are raisins are causing severe toxicity in dogs. Should your pet ingest any of these please contact your regular veterinary clinic or emergency clinic immediately.

Last, but not least are medications. Please be sure to keep all medications off the floor. If you drop any medications and cannot find them, please thoroughly sweep and vacuum the area. If you are having guests over, offer a specific place for them to keep their medications, if necessary.

For more information, please call our office at (510)797-2323 or visit our December pet care tips page.

The following link is intended to assist you in helping your pet should they ingest a toxin. In addition, please follow up with your veterinarian immediately.

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center


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For after hour emergencies, we recommend Ohlone Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Fremont. Call them at (510) 657-6620, or visit them online at OhloneVetEmergencyClinic.com

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